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Terms and conditions

  1. I accept and understand that I filled in this form to the my best knowledge and I have not withheld any pertinent information.
  2. I understand and accept that this a paid service for exchange of a professional BDSM service.
  3. I accept and understand that I will pay a non-refundable deposit payment and that deposit is only for that booked slot and can only be changed at Dominica’s discretion.
  4. I accept and understand the risk involved in BDSM play.
  5. I accept and I understand that Mistress Dominica de Sin is not responsible if you had withheld any information which can potentially causing any problems in the session.
  6. I accept and understand that I will not attend a session under the influence of any alcohol and drugs ( Viagra etc). If you do, you accept that Dominica de Sin cannot be held responsible for you.