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Latex lady dominica de sin on her thrown


Availability: Monday-Saturday 10AM-7PM

The first appointment is at 10 AM and the last appointment is at 8 PM

I do offer 100% discretion, and I do expect the same from you!

Rules before applying for sessions:

  • All applicants have to fill up a form as an official request before the session.
  • I expect you to be clearly spoken, articulate, and well-mannered.
  • High level of personal hygiene
  • No withheld numbers as I want to see who you are and withheld numbers will make Me think you want to waste My time.
  • No pestering
  • You are welcome to send an email outlining your fantasy before your visit, but NO essays and keep them as straightforward as possible.

Important notice:

I do choose who I am seeing and reject anybody who does not make a good impression! I reserve the right to circulate details of any individuals that are disrespectful of my boundaries, especially those, whose behaviour affects my safety.

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