Contact Dominica De Sin


Lady in Red to serve

Financial Servitude:

Before contacting Me about this, you will need to send a £tribute£ to prove you are serious.

Other ways to serve Me:

  • Send Me gifts
  • Cash meet (minimum £200)
  • Take Me shopping  (minimum £500)
  • Tribute Me for My beauty treatments
  • Offer Me your professional skills
  • Pay My household bills
  • Tribute Me to go to lunch/dinner with a girlfriend
  • Send Me a tribute through Cash app

Send a tribute Click on the photo below (international subs)

Latex Mistress all in Read and black boots


Send Me a tribute through Cashapp (only UK and US subs)


Pay me using Cash App

Send Me Bitcoin

BTC Address: 3NBN2Atf6qSpTHxKg1G5bSdBifWb6QmgeQ